Premium IVR/Voice

NTH’s Premium IVR/Voice platform is the ideal micro payment channel for revenue generation in various business fields. The scope of application is almost unlimited, whether you need corporate services like end user helpdesk, account balance inquiry, announcements and notifications etc. or entertainment services like mobile content selling, voting, contests, games etc. Due to NTH’s widespread international IVR connectivity it is irrelevant if the same service will be used in only one country or internationally – in both cases it will be delivered in a very short time through a single interface.

Throughout last 10 years, NTH’s team has been working hard to build and set up a widespread Premium Voice network with connections to telecom operators in over 28 countries worldwide (coverage map). Driven by our clients, we are constantly working on expanding our network, adding new countries to our coverage.

NTH offers a variety of services and solutions, precisely tailored to fit the needs of targeted segments:

  • ASP – single connection to NTH allows you to instantly extend your Premium IVR/Voice coverage and become a global service provider! Key facts for ASP: flexible call forwarding options (PSTN or IVR), short number activation time (in some cases one working day!), very attractive payout rates and accurate payments. Please contact us for more details.
  • Media – NTH possesses a comprehensive portfolio of ready-made solutions and services for different media groups: TV, Radio, Print and WEB/WAP Portals. All services are completely ready for full, white-labeled integration with specific media, including every required extension (e.g. on-screen graphics for TV stations or ready-made WEB/WAP elements for WEB/WAP portals). Due to NTH’s international presence, any service and solution can be set up to run on a national or international level (coverage map). Additionally, it is possible to extend service functionality with Premium SMS. Please contact us for more details.
  • Content provider – you have attractive and desirable content, but you need a payment system to sell it? NTH’s Premium IVR network is a perfect tool for monetizing your content, either on a national or international market in a both time and cost effective manner. NTH can provide a complete solution including Premium IVR connectivity and billing mechanisms, mobile content adaptation, delivery service and real-time statistics giving you an insight into your service performance. Please contact us for more details.

NTH Premium IVR (Voice) key features

  • Global coverage: currently available in more than 28 countries worldwide (coverage map)
  • Attractive payout rates: commercial conditions and payout rates tailored to fit any of your specific needs
  • Flexible billing types: pay per minute or pay per call
  • Quick number set-up: within 1 working day
  • Integration with Premium SMS: any IVR service can be extended/integrated with Premium SMS service
  • Real-time statistics: web based statistics in real-time for full service performance control
  • Call forwarding options: through PSTN or over VoIP
  • Call center services: services requiring live operators our multilingual white-labeled Call center services are at your disposal
  • Full support: service development, integration and live service support
  • 24/7 technical support: our technical support is at your disposal around the clock to solve any technical issues that you may stumble upon.

Please contact us for more details or price inquiry.

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