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VAS providers

Customized VAS services – you have the idea, we do the rest


inner_vas_providersNTH Group has been an international VAS solution & service provider since 2001. We partner with 100+ media companies and VAS providers as a B2B exclusive technology and operations full service provider. With own in-house products, frameworks and platforms we are able to deliver on-demand end-to-end customized solutions (including consulting & ideas, concepts, specifications, design, development, test and implementation in our own or client’s data center). Once in service, we provide 365/24 operations, management, support and professional end user customer care.

We provide services incorporating many elements, including Direct Operator Billing, SMS, MMS, IVR, Mobile Internet, Mobile applications, streaming and back-ends including advanced CRM and user wallet.  Advanced Service logic platforms enable us to provide the shortest time of service integration with external platforms and systems.

We offer:

  • Variety of service types: games, voting, IVR based services, social networks, content subscriptions, video on demand etc.
  • Multiple payment methods (onetime or recurring) and locally optimized payment flows
  • Consulting, concept and realization for monetization for content owners and media houses
  • Capability of hosting in our own international carrier grade data centers
  • All services and solutions possible as white label

All services include advanced business analytics, providing deep insight into service performance serving as foundation for decision-making and service optimization.

More information on how NTH Group can help VAS businesses can be found on the websites below.