Adcumulus – A more efficient way of converting visitors

If you approach media buying using the traditional way, you have no control over the incoming traffic and have to pay for all of it, with no regards to its quality. However, there is a way to fix this. You can use Adcumulus affiliate manager to control the quality of the incoming traffic and pay only for those leads that are most likely to convert.


VAS provider as media buyerPay for those that are worth it

The challenges of traditional media buying include managing ads in multiple ad networks and manual analysis of marketing performance. Even with basic targeting options that some ad networks offer, you will still end up with a significant part of unusable traffic, for which you still have to pay.

Things change when you introduce Adcumulus affiliate software into the media buying process. Instead of having to deal with each ad network separately, you handle everything with the affiliate software. From this central point of control you define the ads you want to use, the services you promote, and let the system decide where to deliver the ad.

The system will use various parameters (device, operator, country) to decide which offers are appropriate for which market. It will then assess how likely it is for the visitor to convert on each available offer. Finally, it will show the offer that is most likely to convert with that specific user. Adcumulus affiliate software’s prime mission is to maximize your profits!



Adcumulus-affiliate-softwareService promotion made easy

Adcumulus affiliate software has numerous features that make it flexible, easily integrated into any business and beneficial to your promotional activities:

  • Ad delivery via RTB or code integration
  • Statistics overview
  • Automated invoicing
  • Post-backs
  • Custom tracking
  • Advertiser support