The Most Addictive Mobile Games Share These 7 Secrets

“Just one more level, and I’m done.” Does this phrase sound familiar? Are you currently, or have you ever been addicted to a mobile game that you simply couldn’t stop playing? Was there a moment when you used every bit of your free time just to play that game? Lunch breaks, in the waiting room, […]

Retargeting – worthy, not stalky

There is an additional option that enables to elevate advertising to a completely new level. It comes in the form of a concept called retargeting. The name itself hints the basic idea, but I propose that we start with a little story extracted from the digital and set into real life. I was buying sneakers […]

Enhancing the value of advertising platforms – the story behind APIs

Did you know that you use APIs (or application programming interfaces) on an everyday basis? Every time you use your smart device, PC or laptop, a number of calls are sent to someone’s API and that includes actions like checking the weather, chat with your friends and even battery check! Extending software with API is […]

How to target mobile operators accurately?

Targeting is one of those buzzwords that inevitably appear in the context of advertising. And in this case, all that buzz is perfectly justified. Targeting helps advertisers to direct their messages to the right audience – the audience that can become truly aware and inspired, the audience that can react and engage, the audience that […]

ClickAttack: We serve more than 10 million impressions monthly, thanks to AdCumulus

We are proud that one of the companies using AdCumulus technology is ClickAttack. Our partner is a real success story in SEE region as leading mobile advertising network operating in 8 countries. They connect advertisers, agencies, mobile publishers and developers. And this connection is beneficial for everyone. ClickAttack helps agencies and advertisers to earn both […]

Standard vs. interactive mobile banners – who wins?

The idea behind interactive banners is getting users to engage. This is based on a psychological phenomenon that is best perceived when we observe how people learn and memorize. The principle says that people will remember things better if they not only see or hear, but touch and feel. That’s what we call engagement and […]

The secret of increasing in-app purchases

One popular method to make money with mobile apps is to introduce and increase mobile in-app purchases (IAP). As opposed to charging users upfront to download your app, in-app purchases tend to be more profitable app monetization tactic as they allow you to charge for digital items that can be bought within the app. A […]

15 steps to promote your mobile app for free

What makes a mobile app successful? It’s not enough to have a great idea. What you need to really nail it is a significant base of active end users and in order to attract them employ a solid app promotion, that you can do for free. Taking into consideration how big the app market is […]

Mocopay got game – meet us at Reboot Develop 2015 conference!

We are very happy to announce that this year Mocopay is one of the sponsors of the Reboot Develop 2015 conference! Reboot Develop conference is the biggest game developer event in South-East Europe. This year it’s held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 23 to 25 April. During this three-day event you will have a chance to see […]

Testing in world’s largest mobile market – China

Mococheck is excited to announce that you can now test services, campaigns and mobile content in China – the largest mobile market in the world! Even though the smartphone penetration does not differ from the penetration in other mobile-advanced markets, China is a specific market that requires thorough testing to yield high profits for your services and […]