Adcumulus – A more efficient way of converting visitors

If you approach media buying using the traditional way, you have no control over the incoming traffic and have to pay for all of it, with no regards to its quality. However, there is a way to fix this. You can use Adcumulus affiliate manager to control the quality of the incoming traffic and pay only […]

Mobile payments easier than ever with Mocopay

Effortless solution for mobile payments with highest payout rates If you are looking for the best mobile payment solution, you need to look no more. Mocopay is an immediate, cashless and cardless payment solution ready for you! It supports a no-effort SDK or mobile payment widget implementation especially for single payments most used for game […]

Let’s meet at Mobile World Congress 2015

Don’t forget to visit our booth in the App Planet pavilion, Hall App Planet, stand number 8.1 K51. You’ll find the contact for our team members in the side box on the right.