Standard vs. interactive mobile banners – who wins?

The idea behind interactive banners is getting users to engage. This is based on a psychological phenomenon that is best perceived when we observe how people learn and memorize. The principle says that people will remember things better if they not only see or hear, but touch and feel.

That’s what we call engagement and mobile technology has the best capacity out of any technology so far to enable tactile and empirical experience that will enrich the visual stimulus, thus making a lasting impression.

Now, you may think this is just a lot of smarty-pants hogwash, and we just needed a text filler. It’s not. Mobile advertising is all about psychology, social behaviour and opportunities technology brings. Any good marketer has to know how to wield the principles of the science of the mind and behaviour to get results. It’s no longer enough to slap on an attractive person in scarce clothing, think of an ambiguous slogan and wait for the masses to find themselves seduced by the flashing images.

Today, our creativity is fuelled by science, data and technology. And this brings results. See them for yourselves the infographic.

This post originally appeared on ClickAttack blog.