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NTH Group solutions support and enhance all elements of the mobile business value chain

Dialogue Marketing

inner_dialog_marketingNeed a service that can deliver the most efficient marketing results and provide the means for two-way communication with customers at scale?

We provide cloud-based marketing platforms that automate message deliveries and helps with your efforts for informing existing users and customers, promoting your products and services among your audience, and building a bigger audience over time.

These solutions include:

  • Chatbots for OTT messaging apps (Viber, Facebook Messenger) and websites
  • 2-Way SMS messaging
  • Web & App Push notifications
  • Digital loyalty programs & prize games

These solutions are designed to help you save resources and grow sales at the same time, enabling a more personalized conversation (or dialogue) with audiences.

You can also see detailed analytics on how end users interact, as well as comprehensive CRM segmentation, focused on simplifying sales and marketing with quality decision-making.

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