Omnichannel Messaging Solutions for Marketing

Reach customers through a personalized, omnichannel dialogue

Omnichannel Messaging

Omnichannel messaging

Reach customers on the most popular channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Email & more).

Collect & manage data

Gather data on customers in a GDPR-compliant way, segmenting them by various criteria.

Make data-driven decisions

Analyze customer interactions and make marketing decisions based on what works best.

Send instant messaging campaigns on all channels

Collect all customer data in one place

Omnichannel Marketing FAQ

Why Omnichannel?

Omnichannel elevates your business communication by enabling you to be present at the customers’ preferred channels while allowing for a unified, seamless and personalised communication with customers across various messaging channels.

What is Omnichannel messaging?

Omnichannel messaging is the best way to engage with customers in a two-way conversation through multiple messaging channels while being able to carry out the conversation within a single thread. This ensures all information is stored in one place which enables timely customer service and improves customer satisfaction.

What is the difference between Multichannel vs Omnichannel marketing?

Multichannel messaging refers to a channel-centred approach where a business sends their message over multiple channels, as each of those channels work independently to deliver the brand’s message. Omnichannel messaging refers to a customer-centred approach where the business has all the channels unified in one thread or platform.

How to create an Omnichannel strategy?

The starting point of your Omnichannel strategy needs to be the customer – your goal should be creating a fluid experience for the customers across all the channels you offer your services through. To help with that, you’ll need the right technology that will generate customer analysis.

What are the benefits of Omnichannel Campaigns?

With an Omnichannel Campaign, you want to know your customer’s needs – create a unified strategy across their preferred channels, but differentiate the content and message approach for each channel.

Why is Omnichannel the best solution not only for your business, but also for your customers?

The aim of Omnichannel strategy is to adapt the way a business communicates in order to ensure the process is seamless and enjoyable for the customer. By ensuring your business is available when needed, offering timely service and personalizing the experience for each customer you’ll ensure their satisfaction when using your services.

Omnichannel Marketing

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