Meet our team at Berlin,
12-14 June 2024

CC - Mobile & Messaging Summit 2024
Europe 2024 GCCM

29 May 2024

Meet Our Team at Two Exciting Events in Berlin

Nikolina Hodak

Content Writer

NTH, as a provider of advanced technological solutions, recognizes the importance of networking, face-to-face meetings, and staying ahead of industry trends. That’s why our team always makes time in their busy schedules to attend key industry events in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, and more.

Our next destination is Berlin, where you can meet our Sales Team Leader, Nejla Bunić Begović, and our Routing and Procurement Manager, Hasiba Jusić. They will be attending two exciting events organized by Carrier Community that you won’t want to miss!

Join us in Berlin to engage with industry experts and thought leaders. Our team will be there to welcome you and explore potential partnership opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to network and schedule a meeting with us! We look forward to seeing you there!

Carrier Community (CC) is organizing its 7th annual Hybrid CC-Mobile & Messaging Summit on June 12-13, 2024, in Berlin. This summit gathers Telco Wholesale players and Enterprise companies, including leading messaging and technology innovators, for networking and collaboration.

The 11th annual EUROPE 2024 GCCM will take place on June 13-14, 2024. This event brings together Telco Eco-Partners from various segments like Data, Cloud, Application Providers, Voice, SMS Messaging, and others. It offers a platform for networking and showcasing product launches through knowledge-sharing and executive panel sessions.

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