Rakuten Viber Business Calls

New Era for Call Centers and Voice-based Customer Support

Viber Business Calls: A New Era for Call Centers and Voice-based Customer Support

Viber is taking another big step in reinforcing its status as a Super App by adding Viber Business Calls to its app. This new feature is a game-changer because it lets users make free international calls right inside the app, on top of messaging, chatbot, and ads.

Why Contest Marketing is the Most Efficient Marketing Channel

Understanding consumer behavior is of key importance for every marketer before implementing any marketing strategies. Have you ever wondered what exactly motivates consumers to buy? It must be the products’ value, cost-efficiency, and utility, right?

Why Omnichannel Messaging is a Game Changer in Today’s Business Communication

Going even one day without omnichannel communication is nearly impossible today. Everyone now owns a smartphone and uses at least one actively. It’s an integral part of modern life, without doubt. However, regardless of smartphone users’ age and background, they are still mainly used for texting and multimedia messaging.

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We provide ready-made and custom messaging solutions for large, medium and small enterprises, helping them communicate with audiences on the most preferred channels of today. With 20+ years of industry experience and 250+ experts across Europe, we have an unmatched ability to scale and tailor our solutions to each business need.


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