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New Era for Call Centers and Voice-based Customer Support

26 Feb 2024

Viber Business Calls: A New Era for Call Centers and Voice-based Customer Support

Marko Pernarčić

Content Writer

For over two decades, NTH has been a pioneer in providing mobile service solutions and voice-based services, while Viber has consistently redefined communication in the business messaging ecosystem. Combining these strengths, we are excited to introduce Viber Business Calls, a newly launched communication solution designed to transform the way businesses connect with their customers.

And speaking of customers, understanding what makes a customer service experience stand out is crucial for any business. You might think it’s all about solving problems quickly or having the most knowledgeable staff, right? Think again.

The truth is, while fast and effective solutions are important, there’s something else at play when it comes to really winning over customers. This aspect is critical, yet often overlooked by businesses. Data has shown that 91% of consumers prefer brands that offer the option to either call or message. This preference shows the importance of choice and personal touch in customer service — elements that are necessary to build a strong emotional bond between the customer and the brand.

In a world where everyone is glued to their phones, yet craving real connection, Viber is stepping up. By offering users the ability to choose how they connect, Viber recognizes the varied preferences of modern consumers. Imagine a world where talking to a business feels as easy and natural as calling a friend. That’s the future Viber is building with its new Business Calls feature.

What are Viber Business Calls?

Viber Business Calls are calls made by Viber users to businesses that are partners with Viber. Users can make these calls for free by clicking the “Free Call” button on the business’s Viber page. While there is no charge for the user, businesses cover the cost of these calls.

Viber has always been ahead of the game in messaging services, being the first to introduce business messaging back in 2015. This move changed the game by making it easy for businesses and their customers to chat directly. Now, Viber is taking another big step in reinforcing its status as a Super App by adding Viber Business Calls to its app. This new feature is a game-changer because it lets users make free international calls right inside the app, on top of messaging, chatbots, and ads.

For businesses, this is great news. Whether you’re helping a customer with a question about a product, tracking an order, or providing support after a sale, Viber Business Calls let you connect with your customers in a really direct way. It removes the hassle of long-distance charges, making it easier for customers around the world to get in touch.

This seamless integration means that when customers want to reach out to a brand, they don’t have to switch between different apps or platforms. Everything happens within Viber, making the whole process smoother and more convenient. This not only speeds up how quickly customer inquiries are solved but also significantly boosts customer satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to stick around and even spend more, which can lead to higher sales for businesses.

The real game-changer, though, is the personal touch that comes with Viber Business Calls. Being able to speak directly to someone on the phone offers a level of personal interaction, adding a new dimension to text-based interactions. This isn’t just beneficial for addressing customer concerns; it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for businesses. Direct conversations allow for more effective upselling and cross-selling, as representatives can understand customer needs and interests in real-time. Also, these interactions are an efficient method for gathering valuable customer feedback. This direct input from customers is essential for any business aiming to refine its offerings and deepen customer relationships.

What are the Benefits of Viber Business Calls?

With support for easy integration into existing platforms, Viber Business Calls offers countless possibilities for businesses, regardless of their size or industry. Offering global outreach with zero cost, they allow for immediate issue resolution and greater customer engagement. With flexibility at its core, this service customizes to meet the unique requirements of any business, all while prioritizing privacy and security — ensuring the maximum level of trust and satisfaction among customers.

📱 Viber — It’s only the only app your customers need

Imagine offering your customers the ability to reach you without ever leaving the Viber app. Viber Business Calls seamlessly integrate into your existing Viber Business account, allowing customers to make free international calls to your business.

Everything happens within the app, making the entire process smoother and more convenient. This not only speeds up the resolution of customer inquiries but also greatly enhances customer satisfaction. This is important because happy customers are more likely to remain loyal and even increase their spending, potentially leading to higher sales.

🌍 Global reach, zero cost

With Viber Business Calls, distance and costs are no longer barriers to communication. Your customers can call you from anywhere in the world, free of charge.

💨 Immediate resolution

In an era where time is of the essence, Viber Business Calls enable real-time problem-solving and support. Whether it’s a product inquiry, an account issue, or post-sales support, your customers can get immediate assistance.

📞 Effortless cross-border calling

Viber Business Calls eliminate the need to set up local numbers in each country where users are situated, speeding up the setup process. Also, businesses build up flexibility by using only one provider, optimizing their communication infrastructure and simplifying management.

🤝 Enhanced engagement

Viber Business Calls aren’t just about solving problems; it’s also a platform for enhancing customer engagement. With the ability to initiate calls directly from a chat or through a call link on your website, you can effortlessly turn every interaction into an opportunity to further satisfy your customers.

🤸‍♂️ Flexibility at its finest

Whether you choose to designate a specific number for Rakuten Viber or continue using your existing call center number, the flexibility of Viber Business Calls caters to your business needs. Integration with your VoIP infrastructure is smooth, ensuring that transitioning to or incorporating this solution is as easy as it is beneficial.

How to Get Started With Viber Business Calls?

Starting with Viber Business Calls is easy. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing Rakuten Viber Business profile or create a new one with the help of NTH, a trusted official Viber Messaging partner — the setup process is designed for ease and efficiency. Let’s break down the process into 4 straightforward:

  1. Add a Viber Business Call button to your Rakuten Viber Business Account
  2. Choose whether to designate a number specifically for Rakuten Viber or continue using your current call center number
  3. Your VoIP is integrated with Rakuten Viber infrastructure
  4. Now, your customers can effortlessly reach your call center from anywhere, without the hassle of switching apps or incurring call charges
viber business calls process

How Can Viber Business Calls Be Used Across Different Sectors

By offering free, direct calls, businesses are not only improving customer satisfaction but also transforming their operations and building stronger relationships with their clients. Here’s a look at how Viber Business Calls can be used in different sectors to create a more connected and customer-centric business environment.

Finance: Banking, but Friendlier

In banking, it’s really important for customers to feel they can easily get help and advice. With Viber Business Calls, customers can call their banks for free using the Viber app to ask about their accounts, get help with transactions, or talk about loans and savings. Imagine you want to know more about how to save money for a new home. You could quickly call your bank through Viber, talk to someone who understands your needs, and get the advice you need without paying for the call. This direct and personal touch makes customers happy and more likely to stay with their bank.

Call Center: Solving Problems Fast

Call centers are often where patience goes to be tested, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Viber Business Calls now allow customers to reach out to call centers directly through the Viber app for product inquiries, order tracking, or post-sales support. A typical use case could involve a customer calling a delivery service to reschedule a parcel delivery after receiving a notification in the app. This direct and efficient communication method reduces wait times, streamlines the resolution process, and prevents customer frustration, leading to a positive impact on the company’s reputation and customer satisfaction scores.

Retail: Shopping Made Better

Shopping should be fun, not a game of 20 questions with a search bar. In the retail sector, Viber Business Calls can transform the shopping experience by offering real-time assistance and support. Retail stores can help customers in real-time with questions about products, stock availability, or order tracking. If a customer is looking for a new jacket and wants to know if it’s available in their size, a quick call through Viber to the store can get to the answer instantly. This instant access to information and personalized service can enhance the shopping experience, encourage sales, and create opportunities for upselling during the conversation.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Customer Communication? Give Your Business a Voice that Resonates.

Ready to add a personal touch to your customer interactions? Unlock the full potential of Viber Business Calls with NTH, your trusted Viber Messaging partner with over two decades of expertise in voice-based solutions and business messaging.

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Let us help you amplify your brand’s voice with Viber Business Calls and elevate your customer service to new heights, without breaking the bank. Let’s break the silence together — contact us now on LinkedIn or via email and start speaking volumes to your customers.

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